Other Services

Regular Acrylic on Toes Full Set - $35
w/ Spa Pedicure - $55 (Regularly $65)

Regular Acrylic on Toes Fill-in - $25
w/ Spa Pedicure - $45 (Regularly $55)

Pink & White on Toes Full Set - $50
Single Fill Pink - $35 / Double Fill - $45

Regular Acrylic on Big Toes New Tip - $5
Fill-in $3 each

ADD-ON Services

Soak off w/ Service -$5 
Soak off w/ out Service - $10
Level & Buff - $6
Nail Repair - $3 & up
Nail Art - $3 & up
Add hand, foot, shoulder or neck massages to your manicure, pedicure and facial treatments - $1 per minute in sessions of 10 or 15 minutes.
Special Note: Manicure, Pedicure, and Artificial Nails service may vary slightly depending on client's needs. 

SNS Healthy Nails at Angel Touch Nail & Spa 

At Angel Touch Nails & Spa in Winston Salem, we are committed to providing our clients the finest quality nail products in the industry. Our products are: OPI, Creative, SNS, Cuccio, Keyano Aromatics, gelish etc.

This multi-step SNS process overlays directly onto the nail bed to create a long lasting nails with exceptional durability and shine.  The application does not use harsh chemicals, it eliminates the odor that are typically associated with acrylic and gels.  The SNS process represents a completely new technology in nail enhancement.  Older methods such as acrylic and gels create a barrier that can cause weak, brittle nails and can even promote the growth of fungus on the nail bed.  Signature nails are water resistant, yet they allow natural nails to breathe, enabling them to grow long and strong..in summary, we offer the best sns nails services in winston salem and surrounding area.

 Feet & Toes

Toe Polish Change - $12 / French $15
Shellac, Gelish - $12 / French $15
​Express Pedicure (20min) - $20 / French +$5

Shellac / Gelcolor / Gel Polish
New Set / ColorFrench +$5+$15
Color Change $15+$5 takeoff
Regular Acrylic Fill-in/Full Set - add gel $10